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For this assignment, I took a collection of pictures covering portrait, landscape and close-up.  It is sort of like the last assignment but with more of a focus on the three critical manual settings: Shutter speed, Aperture and ISO.  For the portrait, I took a series of pictures of my mom using the specified settings and one picture that I winged it on.  As you will see from the pictures, in spite of good lighting and taking the shots next to a window, the first three are very dark.  For the first two, a combination of ISO and shutter speed pretty much make the pictures unusable.  The third picture, shot with a ISO 400 setting is suffering from too slow of a shutter speed (you can actually make out a little detail if you click on the thumbnail and go to the main picture).  The fourth picture uses an ISO of 400 also but has a lower shutter speed and a larger aperture and thus came out okay.

First portrait ISO:100 Shutter Speed:1/100 Aperture:5.6

Second portrait ISO:200 Shutter Speed:1/100 Aperture:5.6

Third portrait ISO:400 Shutter Speed:1/100 Aperture:5.6

Fourth portrait ISO:400 Shutter Speed:1/20 Aperture:3.5

For the next part of the assignment, I took a collection of landscape pictures near the town of Potosi.  One problem that I ran into immediately is that my camera only has an aperture setting of 8 so I could not use the recommended setting of 16.  Also, I keep getting a “blue” effect on my shots that I am anxious to figure out so I can correct in future efforts.  Shown below are the landscape photos.

First Landscape ISO:100 Shutter Speed:1/100 Aperture:8

Second Landscape ISO:100 Shutter Speed:1/400 Aperture:8

Third Landscape ISO:100 Shutter Speed:1/1000 Aperture:8

Fourth Landscape ISO:80 Shutter Speed:1/80 Aperture:8

So for the landscape pictures shown above, increasing shutter speed darkens the picture.  In the fourth shot, I lowered the ISO and used a slower shutter speed and thus took a brighter picture.  I wish my camera had an aperture setting of 16 since that would yield a better depth of field on these kind of shots.

For the last group of pictures, I used the Macro setting and varied the Aperture (the AV setting on the camera) from 2.8 to 4.0 to 8.0.  Once again I was limited by the lack of a setting of 16 so I included the 4.o aperture value instead.  Shown below are the results.

First Closeup ISO:80 Shutter Speed:.6 Aperture:2.8

Second Closeup ISO:80 Shutter Speed:1.0 Aperture:4.0

Third Closeup ISO:80 Shutter Speed:1.0 Aperture:8

Obviously by decreasing the size of the aperture, the picture sharpens and reveals more detail.


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October 4, 2010 at 10:03 pm

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