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Studio/Artificial Lighting

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Shown below are photos utilizing artificial lighting (both indoors and outdoors).  The parameters are as follows:

1 portrait with a main subject (person, animal, etc.)
1 product photography image (experiment with shadows and how the light can highlight specific features)
1 image taken at twilight, after sunset
2 image with side-lighting
2 image with back-lighting

Sunset, Outdoors with Backlighting: f/8.0 1.3 ISO 400

Sunset, Outdoors with Sidelighting: f/8.0 1.3 ISO400

Portrait: f/4.0 1/13 ISO800

Backlighting: f/3.5 1/13 ISO 200

Sidelighting: f/4.5 1.3 ISO 200

Product photography: f/7.1 1/5 ISO 80


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November 9, 2010 at 2:05 am

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